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Driving Lights

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Driving lights and light bars are designed to maximise your safety on the roads, particularly when navigating at night or in bad weather. Our range of driving lights will increase your field of view while driving in a variety of environments, can increase a drivers’ capacity to react to hazards, and can help reduce eye strain and driver fatigue.

SRD Lights range of practical and powerful LED driving lights are engineered to endure the harsh Australian climate, including high-quality brands and models like Ultra Vision and Baja lights. Take your driving experience to a whole new level with our top quality driving lights.

What are driving lights for?

Driving lights are a specific kind of light designed to provide long-distance illumination while driving. It makes driving at night, particularly in country or remote locations, much safer through greater illumination, reducing eye strain and making wildlife easier to see.

Is a Light Bar Better Than Driving Lights?

Light bars and driving lights are both great options, but the general rule is to use driving lights for beam distance and light bars for width – so you need to consider the driving conditions and terrain you’ll be exploring. For example, driving on flat, open terrain you’ll benefit from the distance you get from driving lights. However, in the high country where you may be lots of bends or turns to watch out for, you may benefit more using a light bar.