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LED Work Lights

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SRD’s high-quality LED mining lights are made for industrial work – highly durable and long-lasting. An Australian made and designed product, these mining lights have a high light output relative to their size and operate well even in harsh environments. Safety is everything when working on site and you need to work with the best equipment available – LED mining lights are available in Flood, Wide Flood and/or Euro Beam, and come with 3-5 years of warranty for total peace of mind. Stock includes popular brands like Ultra Vision Lighting and are available in a range of wattages, from 25W up to 60W.

What are led mining lights used for?

LED mining lights provide onsite and underground workers with powerful, efficient and hands-free lighting solutions. In the mining industry, as in many other industries, lighting solutions are critical for the safety of all the workers.

What are the dangers of working in a mine in poor light?

Working in poorly lit environments – in any industry, but especially mining – affects the overall operational efficiency of the site and increases the risk of physical hazards in the workplace. Hazards can include dropping items, tripping or stumbling, physical strain (eye strain, fatigue, headaches, etc.), and mental exhaustion from stress, all of which can cause any number of dangerous or harmful incidents. The same can be said of having too much light in the workplace as well, as the brightness and glare can lead to similar issues, poor quality work, and low productivity. Appropriate lighting, both in colour and output, is critical to creating a safe and functional workplace.

SRD Lights range of LED work lights includes handheld and headlamp mountable torches from popular brands like and Fenix. Features include multiple light levels including brightness, spotlight and yellow light options. The output range for SRD’s range of LED work lights starts at 400 lumens up to 3000 lumens. With a durable construction designed for onsite use in harsh work conditions, these lights are designed to be rain resistant and dustproof, ensuring optimal operation.

What is a LED work light?

LED work lights are torches or spotlights designed to be used onsite or for a range of work-related activities. Work lights are a safety tool, providing the proper lighting required to complete the task at hand.

How Many Lumens Should a Work Light Have?

This really depends on the work you’re doing, where you are located and what time of day you’ll be working. The lumen range for our work lights start at around 300 lumens and goes up to 3000. This range should cover most work space and onsite needs.

What are the advantages of LED work lights?

LED work lights can be brighter , as well as more energy efficient and longer-lasting, out-performing many traditional light options.