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Round LED Driving Lights

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Round LED driving lights are used to maximise road safety and visibility when navigating at night, in low-light conditions, or in bad weather. Our round driving lights increase the field of view and improve overall visibility to reduce the risks of driver fatigue, eye strain, and road hazards going unseen. SRD Lights have a range of practical, powerful and efficient round LED driving lights that are durably designed and come in a range of sizes (from 2.1″ up to 9″) and power (from 20W up to 180W). The range of round driving lights include high-quality brands and models like the Ultra Vision Nitro 180 Maxx and Baja Designs LP9 driving lights.

What’s the difference between driving lights and spotlights?

The difference between driving lights and spotlights is in the pattern of the light itself. Driving lights have a focus beam that allows you to see further down the road, far beyond the capacity of regular head lights. Spotlights are used as a supplementary light to high beams and generally are not meant to be the only light used.

What to look for in driving lights?

When it comes to driving lights, the primary feature to look for is a colour temperature that is as close to natural daylight as possible – most commonly white light. White light not only offers accurate colour rendering and realistic illumination and contrast, but it is the easiest on our eyes. Other features to look for will depend on the vehicle being driven and the terrain you’ll be exploring.