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Everyday Carry Lights

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EDC torches and other everyday carry lights are powerful lights designed to be light weight, portable and durable – suitable for a variety of everyday applications and activities. SRD Lights premium range of EDC torches are pocket-sized – fits right in your pocket or purse – and come with some form of attachment feature to secure it, such as a keychain ring or pocket clip (can attached to clothing or a belt). The EDC lights also come with a variety of features including brightness levels, thermal sensors, intelligent overheat protection, waterproof construction, and more. Stock includes popular brands like Olight, Fenix and Lumintop.

What is an EDC torch?

EDC stands for everyday carry, so an EDC Torch is an everyday carry light or small torch that can fit in a pocket, small bag, or even on a keychain. These super portable pocket-sized torches are small but mighty, delivering the strength and versatility you need to get out of the dark.

What is the difference between an EDC vs tactical torch?

The short answer is size. EDC torches are extremely compact devices – some are so small they can even fit on your keychain or in a pocket. Due to the use case of an EDC torch, which is designed for everyday use, it also may not be as bright or cover as much area with the beam as a tactical torch. A tactical torch will usually be bigger in size, be highly durable and is ideal for a variety of outdoor activities.